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Hire Element Atlanta

Client Partners 


We use the term "Client Partners" when referring to the companies we work with because that is how we view our relationships--as true partnerships.


We stand apart in an industry where some firms are happy to send a bounty of potential candidates in the hope that something happens to fit a potential job opening.  The Hire Element approach is different.


We take the time to truly understand your needs.  We learn about your culture, your required experience, and your business.  We expect our candidates to do the same.  On the flip side, we also get to know our candidates from the inside out.  Our goal is to find the perfect match, and we can only do that by doing our work up front.   


We will never send you candidates unless we think they are an exact fit for your job.  You never pay us a fee to Hire Element unless you hire one of our candidates.  And because we care most about your long-term relationship with us, we are not satisfied until you feel confident about your hiring decisions and how we conduct our business with you.



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