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Hire Element Job Seekers

Job Seekers


A job search is all about connections.  The most direct and effective way to find opportunities is to connect with the people who are responsible for hiring.  That's where Hire Element comes in.


We are the bridge between you and the companies and hiring managers in Atlanta who are searching for top finance and accounting talent.  We spend our time listening to these companies, understanding their needs, and sourcing the job candidates who will be perfect matches for their postitions.


Just as these companies place their trust in us--their partners--to deliver exceptional service, you too can expect the best from us.  We view our relationships with our job seekers as consultative.  You're not just a job candidate  or a resume.  You're a real person, with career goals, work/life balance requirements, and financial needs.  It's why we love what we do. At the end of the day, we help people just like you elevate themselves to something better.  It's the Hire Element way.   

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